Art Classes
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My name is Hayley Yeoman and I am the art teacher here at Caerphilly Miners Centre. ​

I live here in Caerphilly, with my family. I’m married with four children, all boys!  ​

When I’m not teaching art here at the centre, I work in a comprehensive school supporting SEN children. ​

Art is and always has been a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you while guiding you on your own personal artistic journey. ​

My aim is to provide a positive and enthusiastic viewpoint to your learning, in a relaxed and calm environment, where you can express yourself through the medium of art. ​

Student Testimonials

Katherine Hughes

"Hayley has been a breath of fresh air – encouraging me to experiment with new ideas and techniques.  I’m really enjoying the class and learning a lot.  I like learning at the centre, but I also enjoyed the online class."

Jane Lapthorn

"I have looked at the PowerPoint slides and I have found them very useful"

Lawrence Lewellyn

"Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the art class last night. I really feel I am learning a lot."

Gareth Hughes

"Just to let you know that I really enjoyed last nights art class. I wasn’t sure how it would work but it really did! Thanks again for organising it and look forward to doing the same next Thursday at 6.30pm. Again many thanks."



Places available on our art class

  • Joining instructions and class times:​​

  • Thursday evenings 6.30-8:00pm – classes can also be accessed from home via zoom, as well as Caerphilly Miners Centre.​

  • Cost £6 per session​

During the art class you will be:​

  • Introduced to new skills and techniques, such as: colour theory, mark making, printing, art styles and more.

  • Encouraged to experiment with different, colours, mediums and materials.

  • Inspired to respond and explore your own unique art styles, everyone is different.

The benefits of joining the art class:


  • You can develop your skills and progress at your own pace.

  • share ideas and support others in the group.

  • It creates a sense of enjoyment and well- being.

  • Shared experiences with others in the community.

  • It supports engagement with things to do at home.


Example of lessons we have explored so far 

art 1.png
  • Colour Theory: ​

  • In this lesson we looked at the colour wheel, complementary colours, the gradient scale and tint, tones and shades. 

  • In this lesson we looked at painting in one colour, using black and white to change the tint or shade. 

  • This lesson was all about using different techniques, such as: wet on wet, salt, cling film and masking fluid to create different effects. And the adding those effects to a painting using complementary colours

art pic 2.jpg
art pic 1.jpg
art pic 3.jpg
art pic4.jpg

Online lesson

During the firebreak we held the lessons on zoom. In this lesson we experimented with view finders. Creating 3 different images using the same view from a still life photo. Each section was created differently, one was a biro study, the second was watercolour on top of the biro study. For the third image, we painted the colour on the paper first and the drew the biro study on top.


     Student's Artwork

  Thurs 17th June


  Thurs 25th March

        Cubism with self portrait

  Thurs 18th March

  Cubism in colour

  Thurs 11th March

     Cubism in pencil

       Thurs 4th March

           Optical illusion artwork

   Thurs 25th February

          Optical illusion artwork