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There are lots of ideas and activities for homeschooling and entertaining children from home. We have included some activities of our own below.

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Amy Alexander Treasurer

Children's Artwork During Lockdown

neelie rainbow

Flynn, Aged 5yrs & Mam Rainbows on glass

Teddy Bear
eve's kids pic

Tilly - Aged 6yrs Card for an NHS nurse

vj pic

Vijay, Aged 8yrs Creepy monsters!

artwork mia

Mia, Aged 2yrs & Mam Easter bunny and card

sanj pic

Sanjeev - Aged 11yrs Fun with cartoon & game characters

decorating stones
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children's crafts painting stones 3
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childrens crafts 2 decorating stones 2
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children's crafts decorating stones
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Pebble painting/ decorating:  Here is an easy activity for children using poster paints or sticking on embellishments with pva glue.  These colourful examples were made by children at our Saturday Children’s Craft and Film events.


Fun with Snails

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flynn snail
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My son Flynn is obsessed with snails right now, he's got like a million in a tank!  We've also been collecting empty snail shells and taking all the papery skins off and brushing a little oil on them.  They come up as good as new.  It's kept him amused for quite some time.

Neelie Davies 

Easter 2020

This lovely Easter bonnet was made by a local seven yer old.. We provided the straw hats and got materials to stick onto them – including ribbons, tissue paper flowers etc. Maybe you could improvise at home and send photos to us for us to share?

easter bonnet.JPG
chick gift box craft activity sign
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Chick sew thread craft activity sign
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easter card activity sign
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Easter crafts

The crafts are targeted at the 3-8 age group. 

  • Make an Easter egg chick box

  • Make a chick sew plate 

  • Make an Easter card  


Kids’ baking recipes without flour

By Rachel Beckwith - Family editor

When you need to keep the little ones entertained at home but don't have any flour, try these easy baking recipes for an afternoon of fun in the kitchen.

Crispy chocolate fridge cake

Help is out there

Parents can have a tea break, or join their children, with daily PE routines online. 'P.E. with Joe' is streamed everyday, free from his youtube channel:

And if you're looking for something to unwind to, get celebrities to read the bedtime story:

Other ideas:

  • Ask a grandparent or friend to read a bedtime story to your children over Skype (or any platform: messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime etc). This way they can become part of the daily routine.

Please send us ideas that have helped you, so we can share with others. Email: or get in touch through social media.

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Educational Shows on You Tube & Netflix

hello how are you

Dr Binocs - Great science show (You Tube)

The Magic School Bus - Science show (Netflix)

Ask the Storybots - Fun Science series (Netflix)


Leap Frog Shows - English - Letters & phonics (Netflix)

Word Party - English - Words & spelling (Netflix)

Check out Welsh activities for children of all ages :


Some ideas from you...

  • Create a space for your child in your own working area.  Give your child a desk and supply arts & craft work or just create a place for them to quietly play with their toys.  Explain to them that this is your working time and the importance for being quiet.

  • Have a schedule.  Children thrive on routine.  Arrange important calls and meetings to take place during your child’s regular nap time.  If your child is too old for naps establish a quiet play time every day where they can read or play quietly.

  • Arrange a video chat via Skype or Facetime with your children’s grandparents and enjoy lunch time dates, read to them, talk, sing or dance!  Perhaps the grandparents could teach them a skill online.

  • Find communities online and chat with other parents on how they manage.

  • Work different and odd hours!  Get up early at 4am to work or work late into the evening.  The other parent can swap and share working hours and parental duties across the day.

  • Arrange activities that don’t require supervision: Favourite shows, online games, educational games/apps.  For older children school platform, reading, writing, watching educational TV and Minecraft where they can chat to school friends.

Glowyr Bach
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Stay and Play
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