Children's Christmas Craft Workshops
~ December 2020 ~ 

Adapting our Children’s Christmas Craft activities to suit the times

Saturday Children’s Craft, Film and Tea Party events were very popular for many years, but we had to abandon them this year because of Covid, leading to disappointment for many people.  

In October 2020 we started to plan for the Children’s Christmas Craft event, building in social distancing and an option in case of another lockdown.  As well as the craft designers – Belinda Snow, Sarah Warr, and Amie Locke – we asked the craft volunteers – Ann Lewis, Sheila Hopkins, Jenni Jones-Annetts, Marion Watts and Katherine Hughes to come to a meeting.  We also asked Geraint King to help us with the technology and Tasha Gittings with ticket sales and marketing.  We had a Zoom meeting during the National Firebreak to create a project plan

Because of problems of handling materials, we decided to create a box of craft materials to be given to each child. This contained three flat packed crafts, glue, tape, and crayons, with colouring sheets.  We put these in pizza-takeaway boxes.  We decided to run the activity for an hour after school.  

Despite our having to work remotely we created 60 packs. This was a much bigger job than preparing for the pre-covid Craft, Film and Tea Party Afternoons, but the team all enjoyed the challenge. As December arrived, and the number of people self-isolating increased, we were able to offer the children who couldn’t come to the Miners the option of a take-away craft box.  The children really enjoyed the crafts and we’ve promised to run another event in the spring.  

  Santa's Grotto

We had a brilliant Santa's Grotto this year. It was superbly organised by Natasha Gittings, who runs our Stay and Play groups at the Miners. Tasha organised the whole event, recruited Santa, set up the booking system for socially distanced 10 minute visits over 4 days, and arranged the raffle and publicity. She also recruited a team of helpers to pack over 300 gift bags, she set up the grotto and was there to support Santa for the whole event. Thank you Tasha.  You have created a wonderful and memorable Christmas treat for over 300 children. We really appreciate it. Thanks also go to the volunteers who supported the event, to our volunteer stewards, to a wonderful Santa, and those who donated raffle prizes.