Art Gallery
Please enjoy our art exhibition which was created during lockdown.
Theme of love

Honeymoon in Bled by Lin Hatcher

Theme of love

Love by Michelle Tomkins

Theme of love.

Holding hands by Sian Sheppard

Theme of love

The Family by Ceri Jenkins

Ceri Jenkins using oils

Drawing of the High Street by Gareth Hughes

Study in charcoal and conte on cartridge paper by Gareth Hughes.

Study in monochrome by Gareth Hughes

Self portrait by Gareth Hughes

Brighten your day by Gareth Hughes

Gareth updating his tabloid image

Still life by Gareth Hughes

Blue monochrome string of beads by Katherine Hughes.

Friend's house by Michelle Tomkins

Drawing of an eye by Sean Robinson

Swans in Melbourne by Katherine.

Biro sketch of a boat by Gareth.

Life drawing by Gareth.

pencil drawing by Gareth

Sea at Goodwick. Sketched with colour pencils and biro by Gareth.

Sketch of Strumble head by Gareth.

Colour sketch of Strumble head by Gareth.

Grandkids at the seaside by Sian Sheppard.

Geese by Gareth.

Sketching in the allotments by Gareth.

Tree in west wales on a sunny day by Gareth.

Charcoal drawing by Gareth.

Gareth sketch done with charcoal.

Detailed drawing of hands and bone structures by Gareth.

A Kestrel in flight by Katherine.

A detailed drawing of a moth by Ceri.

A kingfisher diving by Ceri.

Wildlife by Kay.

Geese in a field by Gareth.

Ducks relaxing by Lin.

Detailed painting of a pheasant by Michele.

A panther in the jungle by Karen.

A pencil drawing of a sweet bunny by Jenny.

Chickens by Gareth.

Morning ritual by Gareth.

Still life by Gareth.

Peppers but no salt by Gareth.

Camping delight by Kay.

Candlelight by Lin.

One of a pair by Michele.

A dragon by Shan

Pencil drawing of tools by Paul

Detailed drawing of a pair of boots by Paul.

A pencil drawing of a leaf by Paul.

Still life gin jug by Sian

Twyn in pink by Gareth.

Detailed drawing of a tea set by Ceri.

Pencil drawing of cooking utensils by Ceri.

Peppers by Ceri.

Trio by Gareth.

A farmland scene by Lawrence.

A romantic setting by Lawrence

A tranquil tree by Lawrence.

Poppies by Sian

Village scene by Sian

The forest by Karen

Mountain scene by Ceri

Daffodils by Ceri

Carinthian lake by Katherine

Pencil sketch of Menai bridge

Detailed drawing of a thrush by Paul

A stone bridge by Michele

The sea and coast by Michele

The Garth from Caerphilly by Kay

A sunny conservatory by Gareth

Peaceful bench scene by Kerry

Portrait of a sweet dog by Sue

Detailed drawing of cat by Sue.

A drawing of a family pet dog by Sue.

A painted rose by Lin

A poppy by Lin

Rose petal layers by Lin

Coastal scene by Lin

A view from the pier by Lin

A peaceful bench by the sea by Shan

Ludo at the gate by Ceri

Mountain scene by Kay

A detailed log pencil drawing by Gareth

A peaceful harbour by Michele

Beautiful roses by Kerry

A rose pencil drawing by Jenny

A yellow iris flower by Paul

A stone bridge setting by Kay