Craft Wall

Our craft groups have shared some of their creations as inspiration. Please get in touch to find out more about our craft class, and things you can do from home until our doors open again.




Caerphilly Miners' Centre:

Calling on Knitters!

Would you like to knit a rectangle?

Last year volunteers and participants at Caerphilly Miners knitted over 500 rectangles at home.  These were stitched into 12 attractive blankets by one of our volunteers and will go to the Caerphilly Benefice for needy families in our community.

You can help!

Cast on 40 stitches using double knit wool and 4mm needles (old size 8).  Working in garter stitch (every row knit) work until your rectangle measures 10 1/2 inches (approx. 110 rows).  Cast off.  You can knit as many or few as you like in any colour.

Colorful Yarn Collection


We've been overwhelmed by the huge response for volunteer knitters! Thank you so much.❤️ We've updated our guidelines so please could you read and follow them, thanks.

▪️ Please could you all register as a volunteer so we can log your time spent on knitting for our records. Please email for a volunteer app form.

▪️We've had a rethink and have now decided to add a location for you to drop off your rectangles or to post them. Please could you email or phone 029 2167 4242 for the location address when you're ready to drop off your valued contribution.

▪️We're now accepting crochet rectangles to line the outside of blankets ONLY but this isn't compulsory.

▪️Blanket stitchers will be given the required amount of rectangles needed to make a blanket.

Thank you everyone for your kind offers of help.❤️🥰

Happy 70th Birthday Winnie!

Winnie one of our Craft group members celebrated her 70th Birthday on June 11th and was given a beautfiul bouquet of flowers and a handmade card by the other group members.  She was delighted with them.

A big 'Thank You' to Sheila for organising the flowers & delivery and Linda for making the card.


Knitted animals and clothing

These gorgeous knitted animals and clothing were all produced by following a pattern with instructions.

Perhaps you would like to try making something too!

Mary has made these gorgeous crochet owls. ~Mary Hughes~

Mary stated it took her an evening to make just one owl.

Eve's knitted a cute little bear with a mask! ~Eve Algate~


Joy made a lush knitted rabbit for her new grandchild Arius. ~Joy Colstick~

A gorgeous knitted cat! ~Jan Watkins~

Here is a picture of my SNOOD being made. Hobbycraft 'Head in the clouds' wool (two balls, 4ply) with 56 stitches on a 6mm wall. I am half way through knitting a 60 inch long loop. It's very light and fluffy. ~Mary Hughes~


Eve made this beautiful knitted jumper with shades of pink and white dk wool. ~Eve Algate~


Eve made this gorgeous jumper for her granddaughter's birthday.


Mary followed a unicorn pattern designed by her granddaughter to make this stunning cushion cover for her.

~Mary Hughes~


Pebble Art

Stone Tower
stone family 22
stone family 11
stone family 33

I found creating the pebble art pics therapeutic, challenging but very satisfying.

The pebbles themselves came from two main sources, websites and beaches.  Two very kind friends who collected various sizes whilst walking their dogs by the sea.  The glue used is an ordinary craft glue, quick drying, and dries clear, thankfully.  Each picture was made for a specific reason eg moving house, no two the same.

The background message to which the pebbles were stuck to I printed off the computer or with wooden Scrabble letters, some with additions of hearts, twigs for benches or real keys depending on the theme.

I leave to dry overnight, then I attached the frame, which can be a little tricky.

The best bit, giving as gifts! 

Joy Colstick

Jewellery & Card Making

This set was made with glass pearls, magnetic beads and larger patterned glass beads. A cord was used to support the necklace and bracelet. Between the middle beads, the cord was fastened to hold them in place.

Made by Jan Watkins


I’m a bit of a magpie and have a stash of pictures, photos old cards etc.  The plan has always been to go through them to use for cards.  Not being able to get out or buy anything and having all the time in the world.  I’ve been mounting them on colour coordinated card and adding the appropriate greeting and achieving cards for free!!!  Now that’s what I like.  Linda Boyce


  Sewing projects for the NHS


Sheila has created her own unique design of scrub bags with sewn on hearts and NHS letters.

Sheila Hopkins

rainbow 2.png

Ticia has also made fabric ear protectors and masks for the NHS. 

Ticia Whitelaw

rainbow 2.png

Ticia has made drawstring scrub bags for the NHS.  Measures 17" x 20"

Ticia Whitelaw

Lovely scrub bags for the NHS. The pattern was obtained from watching a You Tube video. Mary claims she wanted to be useful and help out our wonderful NHS.
Mary Hughes


Ann used a range of materials to create her scarecrow including stuffing plastic sacks with an old duvet and unwanted clothing to pad out most of the body parts.  She added her own finishing touches with summery accessories, a handmade NHS bag, dressed her in boho clothing and propped her up on an old umbrella stand! There are lots of additional ideas on the net and you tube if you'd like to make one too!

Lady Lottie the Scarecrow

The Story behind my scarecrow

"Last year I visited the Brinkley festival which inspired me to make a scarecrow during lockdown.  As my young granddaughter is a nurse in the NHS working on the front line at Morriston Hospital, Swansea it seemed a perfect opportunity to create a scarecrow depicting my granddaughter and represent the NHS. 

So here we have a young nurse off duty, carefree, passionate about nursing and the environment, hence her recycled clothes and use of materials.  This captures a moment and time during 2020 that she will not forget.  It would've been easy to have put scrubs and masks on the scarecrow but some times we need to see the real people behind the protective clothing and what they represent".

Ann Saunders

I am a scarecrow, can you see?

I live on the Aber Allotment, so dear to me

My name is Lady Lottie, my maker is so potty

She dressed me in these boho clothes, to scare away the old black crows

I love to flirt with the birds and bees, feel the breeze around toes and knees

I love to watch the veggie grow, in the dusky sunlight glow

I love to see the passersby with dogs and children by their side

I love to see your waves and smiles, it can be lonely here at times

I am a scarecrow as you can see and have the same feelings as you and thee.

~A poem by Ann Saunders~


Mary's Quilts
Here are the two quilts for my granddaughters in development.

They’re nearly ready to put the borders on the machine...Will I get them finished for May? Well that's the goal.

Borders on at the quilt stage now.  I’m nearly on the last lap.  The next stage is to quilt them onto a cosy backing.

Finished just about...


Quilt 2
Quilt 2

Mary's Quilt
Mary's Quilt

Watch the quilt take shape



Mary's crafts

Mary made these gorgeous craft items in the third lockdown. She hopes to look back on the pandemic with a smile eventually!


A cute mini cross stitch to mark symbols of the pandemic displayed in a frame. 

Mary Hughes

Mary made these gorgeous winter woolly socks for herself and her partner.

Mary Hughes


I've enjoyed using oddments of wool and my old bling to make Mini and Ballet Teddy as ordered by my granddaughters for their forthcoming birthdays.  It only took a ball of 100g wool to make teddy and I'll make some spare clothes for them both.... Ted's got to have a spare outfit!  Keep on crafting Mary xx

Mary Hughes


Mary has made these gorgeous prints with floral illustrations and bubble wrap imprints.  She claims that it was a very economical project and that's all her family's greeting cards made for the year now.

Mary Hughes

Welsh Artist

Check out the Welsh artist Dorian Spencer Davies online for interesting paintings of Wales - some available for colouring yourself.