Digital Volunteers
Melanie - Teacher

For over a decade I have worked within the community delivering psychosocial educational programmes and have helped numerous new projects and groups establish themselves.

Many of my projects have focused upon tackling social isolation and loneliness and with the covid pandemic, the importance of digital inclusion within community projects was highlighted. The Digital Course was developed to provide attendees with a safe place to socialise and learn the skills to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues.

I teach because I believe that with the correct support, everyone has the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Sienna and John B

Here are some of our digital volunteers:

Sienna, a sixth form student has been a great asset in our Summer digital courses and drop-in supporting our class participants.  We wish her all the best for the future and hope she achieves her goal in becoming a Mathematical Technician.

John B, a retired computer programmer has also been fantastic in supporting our participants in both the digital courses and drop-in. He's also filled in for the teacher when she's been unwell.  John has in-depth knowledge of anything digital and is always happy to help anyone.  We really have found an amazing, versatile and sustainable volunteer! 

John J

John J has previously worked in managerial roles in various laboratories for the coal industry in South Wales before taking on a managerial role for a health and safety company.  He currently volunteers as a digital volunteer for Caerphilly Library which he’s done for many years.  He has good digital and people skills and enjoys supporting others.  Again, we have found another great, sustainable volunteer!

Here's John supporting a participant with his son present for additional support.

IMG_20211012_132452 (1).jpg

Irena has done lots of digital volunteering work in the community and previously volunteered for Coleg Y Cymoedd and Caerphilly Job Centre. She currently volunteers as a digital volunteer in Caerphilly Library. We feel privileged to have an experienced digital volunteer supporting our course participants. She’s patient, kind and enjoys supporting others. Yet again we have found another, amazing sustainable volunteer!