Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

Chair Exercises from home

​To keep you motivated Beth has posted some short exercise films for you to do from home.
This is Beth Ryland's official You Tube channel to access all of her daily exercises for the Over 50+. Best of luck all. 


Warm up with Beth & Lola: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIBGlcuamRM

Seated Dance: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x8zCYniyKQ

Basic Jive featuring Zac & Lola: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tASr9ov-5dM


Do a Hand Jive with Beth & Lola: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHFUNxJe4h8

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Some ideas for managing self-isolation from the Elderberries Planning Group:

  • Planning your day and keeping to a routine

  • Telephone buddy system - pairing up people to check up every day

  • Keeping a diary including taking time to reflect on the good things of the day and what were the frustrations?

  • Dressing to go out - even if you have to stay in!

  • Creative writing about a subject - we can create the subjects and when we get back together we can talk about them

  • Sharing recipes, poems, videos and pictures on WhatsApp and online

  • Talking about a book you have enjoyed - reading an enjoyable book

  • Learning a new skill - e.g. cross stitch or crochet, painting or photography

  • Crosswords / sudoku / jigsaws

  • Preparing for future Elderberries events - talking about where you grew up, favourite holiday or toy

  • Making up a photo album / getting it up to date with names and dates

  • Think of something positive to do - clear out a cupboard/ write a letter to a friend/ declutter / gardening

  • Listen to music - learn a new song - join an online choir

  • Mobility - go for a walk especially if it's a nice day

  • Exercise to music - see Beth's YouTube programme on our web site

  • Share you ideas with others - and keep in touch with at least one other person every day. 

Comments from the planning group:


'I made my list of jobs to do yesterday & broke it up into daily tasks for this week. Managed to complete today's ok,. Had fun doing two of Beth's routines this afternoon'    Marion

'We're going to miss our whist club.  Could someone set up games on line that we could all play ie scrabble, or quizzes. Perhaps at a set time?'  Liz

'When I get back to the Elderberries, I'll be happy to talk about my childhood I shall start by writing it out. Who knows - I may have a book by then!'  Pat

Some very kind people in the community have offered volunteered help.  Let us know if: you'd like help with shopping, getting prescriptions, going to the post or just want to speak to someone on the phone.


We're going to set up a buddy system with our Elderberries and we'll also try Skype for those with computers and a WhatsApp group with those with smart phones.


Please keep looking out for ideas on our website (things to do at home), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

It's really important to support each other - all of us have agreed to join the telephone buddy group.

Recycling for creativity

As well as making new necklaces, you can also dismantle them and sort them for a future creation. 

You can see some of our jewellery creations on our Craft Wall.

recycle beads.png