Elderberries Online 2020

How we've supported the Elderberries during the pandemic



The Elderberries Planning Group - Marion, Liz, Sue, Shirley and I - met on 12th May to discuss the programme.
On the 15th May everyone brought their favourite poem and read it out. This was followed by a chat.📕
On 19th May Marion ran a 'Gold or Golden' Quiz.❓
On 26th May Marion ran a Bingo session with everyone making their own cards.📢

We'll be supporting our Elderberries group with weekly Zoom meetings on Tuesday afternoons until 11th August.

For all the updates on our Zoom meetings please scroll down this page!

Attendance at these meetings has ranged from 12 to 17 people. It has been a tremendous challenge for our Elderberries to get onto Zoom. Some people have had broadband problems, some have issues with their technology, but their determination to learn a new way of connecting has been really impressive. The first couple of sessions were a bit stressful for everyone, but now we're really enjoying the hour - it's something to look forward to and look back on with a smile.😀

Elderberries - 23rd June 

Another pleasant time was spent together.  This week was a proverbs quiz


Some examples: 

MHMLW = Many hands make light work

THABTO = two heads are better thasn one

TMCSTB – too many cooks spoil the broth

YNTOLT = you’re never too old to learn.

We also talked about the lovely flowers at the Flower Festival and the success of the knitting project.


Andy Hepton, Jenny Hibbert, and Sue Burgess, Jenni Jones Annetts, Audrey Baynton and Irene Burrows all gave their apologies.  Gael was still unable to properly join the meeting.  We should keep trying to include more people as this lockdown is going to last.  We discussed the Moondance project money and will ask people if they will consider borrowing a tablet to access Zoom.


The Planning Group have been talking about possible topics for future Zoom meetings:

  • My Favourite Toy

  • My favourite childhood book

  • My favourite childhood holiday

  • Work experience stories

  • Short letter to a friend

  • A drawing of something familiar you loved but no longer see

  • Where I grew up

  • Summer camp

  • Poems from childhood.


The Elderberries would love to have the opportunity to go back to the Miners and have an afternoon musical event.  Both Irene and Val are very happy to entertain and we might have a Dame Vera Lynn afternoon.  We will try to organise an event in August, hopefully have some protection with a gazebo or covered area on the patio.


Also we might organise a ‘virtual’ visit to another project and meet some people online from another project. 


Next week’s session is at 2 pm on Tuesday 30th June.  Katherine to send out new link and the topic for discussion is ‘My favourite childhood holiday’.


Katherine.hughes@caerphillyminerscentre.org.uk  26 June 2020

Elderberries - 16th June 

This week the Elderberries were asked to bring the oldest and youngest things in their house (not people!) to our meeting. We’re also contributing photos of a display or garden flowers 🌻to a virtual Caerphilly Flower Festival, traditionally held on the 3rd weekend in June.

The oldest and youngest things in my house


  • Marjorie:  shared her father’s baton – he was the leader of the Ynyshir brass band in the 1920s and also some new LED lights in her garden

  • Sue Burgess: shared an oil lamp from Bob’s family, over 100 years old and a new playhouse for her grandchildren.

  • Liz showed her great grandmother’s vase and some digital scales and baking beans

  • Lyn brought a jardinière which is over 150 years old and also showed a coffee table that Stuart had just made

  • Alan bought a 90 year old tie pin from his family and Jane bought a new pair of slippers.

  • Sue Balch bought her Christening gown and a l card from her granddaughter in Porthcawl

  • Marion bought her grandmother’s Bible dated 1883 and a book More than Words

  • Jean bought he great grandfather’s Victor Emanuel III’s Italian medal for service in World War I and Gwion’s 85th birthday cards (his birthday was on 13th June)

  • Irene bought two books, one from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and the other Gypsy Smith 1904 Birthday Book

  • Jenny bought a large antique crystal basket and a book

  • Andy bought a picture of Thelma’s grandmother and a Carlton Ware salad dish

  • Katherine bought an old Scottie dog which she had as a baby and a pepper plant that one of the volunteers had grown from seed. 

  • Jenni didn’t bring anything.  Shirley and Gael could not access the meeting.  Apologies from Audrey

Other items


Alternative labels for the planters in town:  not everyone had remembered the Bingo! Challenge and we’ll do that next week.


Statement of values: some people had done this – doesn’t seem a very exciting task to most people and we’ll not pursue if there is no interest.

Smarties: Jenni reminded everyone not to forget putting spare cash into Smarties tubes and return when we’re open again.


Knitting:  Katherine reminded everyone to continue with knitting their rectangles and to keep them until we’ve organised collection.


Planning group: to meet next week to refresh the list of activities.


Next week


Proverb Quiz – we’ll be given a list of acronyms and asked what the proverb is! 

Breaking news:  We have just received funding from Moondance to help us with supporting people with the digital challenges of connecting remotely.  We have a digital officer to help with the technology and 6 tablets to loan out.  We’d like everyone to think of who that might help within the Elderberries.



18 June 2020

Elderberries - 9th June 

The Elderberries had another enjoyable afternoon on Zoom on 9th June. Following a Garden Flower quiz 🌷 run by Jane, all the participants contributed something they had made or enjoyed over the last week. Joan brought a baby chick.🐥 Lyn had made time for other people, Marion had finished tapestries started by her sons years ago, Shirley made a wholemeal loaf and Liz and her son in London had been cooking a shared menu and eating together. 🍲


We’ve also sent our Elderberries guidance from the Older People’s Commissioner on safeguarding and protecting against scams❗️ Here are the links:



If you’d like to join the Elderberries meeting at 2 pm next Tuesday 16 June on Zoom, please contact secretary@caerphillyminerscentre.org.uk and we’ll send you a link.😀


Shirley made a wholemeal loaf

Marion has kept herself very busy during lockdown!  She has been knitting, completing tapestries, sorting through photos, gardening, baking, buddying and volunteering for the Miner's.

Elderberries - 2nd June 

On 2nd June we played the game Boy / Girl / Fruit /Flower which most people hadn't played since their childhood. 🌷 Everyone was asked to bring a mask. We also tried to create a 'virtual background' on Zoom🖥

Jenny's unique idea for a mask was to use her sunhat!

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