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25 January/ Ionawr 2021
St Dwynwen's Day/ Dydd Santes Dwynwen 

To celebrate St Dwynwen’s day on 25th January the Elderberries were asked to make a card, a hat, a cake or a flower. 

Jenni Jones-Annetts gave a talk on the welsh patron Santes Dwynwen/ St Dwynwen.

The Elderberries social event took place on Zoom 1.30 pm Tuesday 26 January.

On 26th January, Jenni-Jones Annetts gave a talk about St Dwynwen, who is the patron saint of lovers.  St Dwynwen was a Welsh princess from the Brecknock area of Wales whose father forbade her to marry the man she loved.  She became a nun and set up a religious centre in Anglesey.  The Elderberries made cards, hats and posters, which are posted up on the website.  We had lots more discussion about things that made us smile and some of us are doing the daily word art challenge.  It was lovely to see each other once again and we’re looking forward to a talk by Anwen Hill about her trip to Patagonia.  


Dwynwen was the daughter of Brychan who ruled the Brecon area in the 5th century. He had 24 daughters but Dwynwen was the most beautiful. She was in love with a prince named Maelon but her father had chosen someone else for her. One version of the story said Maelon was turned into a lump of ice for not being willing to obey Brychan. Dwynwen ran away. As she slept an angel appeared & gave her a potion to forget her pain. She also gave Dwynwen three wishes. She chose to thaw Maelon, to live as a nun & to pray for all lovers. Dwynwen settled on an island off the coast of Anglesey, now called Llanddwyn Island. The remains of her church can be seen. Dwynwen is the Welsh saint of lovers, friends & sick animals. January 25th is Saint Dwynwen’s Day. 

Jenni Jones-Annetts

Knitted flower

Jenni Jones-Annetts

Card and hat - Marjorie Gray

Irene's card insert.

A collage card of Irene and her husband through the years. 

By Irene Burrows

Poster - Katherine Hughes

Card - Marion Watts

Card and hat - Sue Balch

Card - Lyn Elliot

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