Environmental Projects Administrator:  Climate Change

Job Description


Hours:                    8 hours per week  

Salary:                    £10 per hour

Accountable to:     Company Secretary

Location:               Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community / from home
Deadline:                5 pm Friday 11th June 2021

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Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community is looking for an Administrator who is passionate about action on climate change but also has their feet firmly on the ground! 


Our climate change garden involves transforming a piece of waste ground at the front of our site into a sustainable garden producing food, biodiversity, versatility and wellbeing for all parts of our community.  The climate change garden will include a pond and seating areas, wildflower meadow, raised beds and Hugel beds for vegetables, pollinators and herbs, a children’s growing area, places for composting and recycling, water butts, bug hotels, beehives and a virtual and physical exhibition.


A small gardening group of approximately 14 people with different skills and levels of knowledge has taken responsibility for developing the climate change garden.  Volunteers are engaged in planning, planting, weeding and clearing the garden.  They regularly attend to two working meetings a week during the summer months.


Caerphilly Miners Centre secured funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to plan the garden and assess the needs and opportunities.  This was followed by a grant of equipment and plants from Keep Wales Tidy.  Awards for All and DS Smith provided grants for children’s gardening projects, Fat Beehive grant for a digital climate change exhibition, and Landfill Disposal Tax Community Fund for capital works to the garden and administrative support.


Through the Landfill Disposal Tax Community Fund we have funding for an Environmental Administrator for 8 hours a week from– 1 June to 30 April 2023. 


The purpose of the job is to ensure that our whole community creates and makes full use of opportunities to learn about and address climate change.    



The role of the Environmental Administrator’s work is as follows:


  • Helping to recruit new volunteers and supporting their induction, health and safety/ other training and information needs

  • Organising working teams and planning meetings as required (some of these may be on Zoom)

  • Helping to keep records for the project – meeting reports, monitoring and evaluation, regular reports to funders and trustees

  • Managing our equipment and storage needs – creating a register of equipment and keeping our tools and equipment in good condition

  • Assisting with ancillary parts of the project – our physical and virtual exhibitions, a digital garden, children’s gardening projects, establishing new initiatives

  • Researching on behalf of the group sources of new materials / equipment

  • Identifying new initiatives/ opportunities / funding sources and drafting applications

  • Identifying / creating learning opportunities for our community in climate change and bringing them to our centre

  • Developing links with schools, and other organisations to create new networks and partnerships, and maximising opportunities especially for young people to participate in climate change action

  • Generally ensuring that the project moves forward efficiently and smoothly and that the grant is spent on time. 


You’ll know if you’ve been successful if:


  • The project has a project plan that meets the terms of the grants applied for

  • Targets have been met

  • Records of activities / minutes of meetings are up to date

  • Projects are running smoothly; people, equipment and materials all available as needed

  • Funding and expenditure on all projects is up to date

  • Reports to funders are up to date




It’s not expected that we will be able to list everything you might be asked to do. We’re an organisation that’s objective is to support the community and to that end you might be asked to do things that are outside of your normal job description, however ordinarily you will be expected to:


Project planning

  • Use the agreed project plan as the starting point for this project

  • Set up regular meetings to ensure that the plan is up to date and ‘owned’ by participants

  • Keeping records of meetings and circulating them


Project assistance

  • Provide assistance to paid and volunteer people involved in the project

  • Providing support to Company Secretary, Facilities and Finance Officer (e.g. identifying equipment needs/ contributing to good health and safety)



  • Drafting monthly/ regular reports to the board of trustees and funders as required


Person Specification:

You will have to have the following skills, attributes and experiences;


  • You will need to be highly organised;

  • Have an interest, knowledge, and/or understanding of climate change and mitigation

  • Strong communication skills;

  • Computer Literacy including use of Microsoft Office 365 suite and social media where appropriate;

  • Experience of administrative work;

  • Be self-motivated, able to work on own initiative and motivate and monitor the activities of others;

  • Be able to work as part of a supportive team, with a ‘can do’ approach, and appreciate the contribution of others, and

  • A passion for improving, engaging and supporting the local community.


It would be an advantage if you had the following, but it’s not an essential requirement;

  • Knowledge / experience of horticulture, sustainable development, environment

  • Speak Welsh;


On top of the above you’ll need to have the passion to support and engage the local community. The role might not always require you to interact directly with the community, but you’ll be required to be an ambassador for the Centre at all times.


You will also be expected to:


  • Adhere to Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community’s equal opportunities policy, data protection policy and confidentiality statement, copies of which are attached, while fulfilling the obligations in this Agreement.

  • Be mindful of Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community’s Welsh Language Scheme, while fulfilling the obligations in this Agreement.

  • Inform the Company Secretary of any reason why you may not be able to deliver the above services 


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