May Day

Something to look forward to...

Dear Members and Volunteers,


Staying at home for another three weeks is going to be the next challenge!  Can you help us to lift our spirits with what we hope will be an enjoyable task? 


We’ve been working hard to build up our website – please do have a look at the contributions made so far.


Our next project is to celebrate May Day.  You can contribute a blog or a vlog, or a photo with a brief explanation and your name.  We’d like contributions of art, crafts, things in the garden, cooking and photos. We’d like to see contributions from all age groups.  You can send your photos through to me at  


We’ve had some great contributions for our Volunteers pages so far, but would like everyone to contribute something if you can.  There’s so much talent within our community and it’s really uplifting to see what’s out there!


I hope you are keeping well and safe.  Please keep in touch and let us know if you need anything.


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Ideas for things to do for May Day, from Amie...

  • Observational drawing in the garden 

  • Family Portraits - draw each other 

  • Memory jar - write down fond memories and collect in a jar. When your having a bad day pull one out to remind you of something nice 

  • Write a hand-written letter to a friend or distant family member (could include a drawing from your garden?) 

  • As a family or as an individual write a list of a types of cuisine from around the world you would like to try? Google popular dishes from around the world. Plan a special meal night when writing your shopping list

  • Write a list of places you would like to visit when social distancing is over

  • Make a music playlist that reminds you of fond memories  

  • Pull out old vinyl's and have a vinyl afternoon 

  • For children - water painting in the garden - pot of water and a brush - paint patterns on the patio - predict how long till they disappear 

  • Collect sticks and twigs from your walks or from the garden and make a outdoor picture - could create challenge cards with images on them for example a boat, a tree, a famous building - see if the children can recreate it.

50's food
50's food

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50s dress
50s dress

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50s scones
50s scones

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Amie Morgan suggested an afternoon tea for her May Day idea, she has already tried it out, got dressed up and played 50's music.


Glenda made the book cushion from Aldi fat quarters and the bunnies are from the 'How to make Luna Lapin' book (she scaled down the little ones for babies).
Glenda had the basket for nearly 40 years and had previously lined it to hold towelling nappies (after her first child was born).
Glenda's husband and son remodelled The Fairy Cottage from parts of a damaged flat packed shed they had at a knockdown price. Glenda helped paint it and put on butterfly fairy lights.
Her daughter cried when she saw the photos as they don't yet know when her granddaughter will get to play with them.

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Thanks to Sue and Colin for sharing these beautiful pictures of spring in bloom, and their impressive cake (below)


May Day (Cancelled 2020)


May Day, an ancient tradition, a celebration for all, a mark in the sand.

Blue skies and healthy crops, symbols of our green and pleasant land.

Hawthorn flowers to decorate the community, perhaps this year a sign of unity.


Keep safe.


This year we have endured a winter cold and dark, now we are banned from all places even the park.

A virus with a regal name has invaded our shore, bringing havoc, pain and death, all that we deplore.


Keep safe, keep your distance.


Citizens of all ages have come to the fore, raising funds to support the front-line heroes like never before.

Shopping has been tricky, empty shelves and lots of ques, but people have been resilient give them their dues.


Keep safe, keep your spirits high.


Life has been challenging in times most recent, but people have been helpful, incredibly decent.

No coffee mornings or friendly greetings, just virtual conferencing and face book greetings.


Keep safe, keep in touch.


With testing kits and vaccines on their way, we hope the virus has had its day.

Time to reflect on a painful past but look to the future, face to face contact and various activities at last.


Keep safe, see you soon.


Karen Masters.

Chris Shawyer has written us a lovely poem,
we hope it inspires others to get creative.

Chris has also taken a photo of her flower pots.


Dorothea's magnificent crab apple tree, expertly showcased by Clive.

These beautiful tulips have come out in spite of everyone and everything. Jenni has put them in a pot from the Gallery and brought them into the house to enjoy..

Below is Ann's impressive floral collage

Belinda Snow tried her hand at etching Pegasus, painted a rainbow tree using acrylic paints and made a pretty beach hut made with painted lolly sticks.

Flower Arrangement 5

Ceri Jenkins has learn't crochet and produced some beautiful animals.  She's been busy baking pizza for her family and her grandchildren have made some cakes for her.  She's also enjoyed painting and going for walks up the mountain near her home in Bedwas. 


Sheila's been a busy bee!

watering can.png

Sheila Hopkins has been very busy in her many greenhouses! She's planted the following:

  • Pumpkins

  • Rhubarbs

  • Red cucumbers

  • Purple cherry tomatoes

  • Red & yellow mix cherry tomatoes

  • Runner beans

  • Dwarf runner beans

  • Red pepper

  • Yellow pepper

  • Black pepper

  • Alicante tomato

  • Money maker tomato

  • Radishes

  • Leeks

  • Lettuce

  • Busy lizzies

  • Salvias

  • Bacopas

  • Lobelias 

  • Verbenas

  • Marigolds

  • Asters

  • Gazanias

  • Petunias

  • Begonias

  • Fuschias

greenhouse 4
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greenhouse 3
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greenhouse 1
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greenhouse 2
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Sheila Hopkins has been busy making lots of bread in her bread maker!  She wasn't able to purchase flour from the local supermarkets so purchased a 16kg bag online!  She's going to make lots of loaves of bread and deliver them to her friends!

Shirley has been busy growing Plants for Pollinators to keep Caerphilly bees busy during lockdown.

My flowers from me to me.
Sent for online from Bunches. I am absolutely delighted with them.  


Sarah from the Miner's Craft group handcarved these beautiful wooden lovespoons and a howling dog! 

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Stuart's first lockdown project nearing completion

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Lyn Elliott's May Day poem


Katherine painted this beautiful robin in water colours.