Using Technology

Using Technology

Using technology during this unfortunate lockdown can be extremely valuable. Self isolation can produce feelings of loneliness and depression but there are ways of connecting to your friends and family using video chatting services.  You can also create an online shopping order or develop your digital skills with free online courses.



The popular video chatting services currently available allow you to chat via the internet instead of a phone line.  You also have the option to just chat rather than use video.  Here are the pro’s and con’s of using each service.

Video Chatting Services

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Getting Started


To get started you will require a smart digital device.  This could be a touch screen phone/ tablet/ laptop or pc.  You can access these services through a web browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome.  Internet access is required via your home internet through a router or by using your data allowance from your phone or tablet contract.

Installing App on Smartphone or Tablet

You will be required to install the video call application onto your smartphone/ tablet/ laptop or pc.  To find the application on your smartphone or tablet you will need to search for it in your app store. 



For Android smartphones and tablets look for the Google play store logo:



For Apple iphones and ipads look for the Apple store logo:


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google play.png

To help find the video call service you want look out for their popular logos when searching. 

What’s app –



Houseparty –



Skype –

Wa logo.png

Zoom -



Facebook Messenger –


Facetime -

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facetime logo.png

For Laptop/ PC

If you have a laptop or pc you can find it by searching in a web browser like Internet Explorer or Chrome.  



                   Internet Explorer –


                   Chrome -



Follow the onscreen instructions to download it onto your device and you will be prompted to create an account with a username and password.  Then you can start adding your friend’s and family’s contacts and be well on your way to starting your first call.


Still need help?


If you’re new to technology it can be quite daunting but if you do require any assistance then we’re more than happy to help.  Please get in touch with us through the contact page.

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