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You Can Make a Difference

Calling on Volunteers!  

Social Distancing need not mean Social Isolation.

In the last 9 months our 61 volunteers have contributed a massive 6790 hours to our project in running the building, gardening, catering, crafts, social activities for young and old, sharing skills, fund-raising and administration.  There has been brilliant teamwork!  Volunteering has helped people to get out, meet new people, feel more involved and have fun. It’s going a struggle for us all to keep this going over the next weeks – but we’re going to try!

We will be posting activities to do at home on our website, starting with the Elderberries, who were first to be isolated….  

We want you to comment, contribute ideas, and tell us how you’re getting on.  Everyone is needed to keep our spirits up. 

Our Elderberries Group has posted up tips for keeping going at home.  We’re going to set up a buddy scheme by phone and WhatsApp groups for those with mobile phones.

Our Craft and Chat Group will use its telephone contact list to keep in touch and share things to do.  

Our Children’s Craft group has had to cancel its March and April crafts, film and tea-parties events, but we’re hoping to share the themed craft ideas for parents to do with their 3-8 year olds.  All ideas will be welcome.


Some of our class leaders will run online activities and post ideas to keep us active.

More will follow over the coming weeks.

Contact:  Katherine and the marketing group on secretary@caerphillyminerscentre.org.uk 029 2167 4242

Volunteer Your Time

Almost everything that happens in Caerphilly Miners Centre is the result of volunteer effort.  We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities to suit all needs and abilities.  Volunteers may be trustees and stewards, they may help manage our finances, admin or marketing, or contribute to catering,  event planning, or support a range of projects.  

We are committed to supporting and encouraging volunteering throughout our organisation and to ensuring that it is rewarding and fulfilling for individuals.  This may include providing training, the satisfaction of being part of a team, and acknowledging people’s unique contribution to our project. 

If you’d like to help or want further information please contact volunteercoordinator@caerphillyminerscentre.org.uk