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Marion and her family have prepared a fun Queen Tik Tok for you all.

Katherine shares her lockdown thoughts, memories and thanks ....

Sheila's vlogging about her plans for the coming weeks.

Our Buddies, Sue & Colin, would like to share these two short films that their granddaughter has made about the lockdown.

I was born into an era of rationing, close families, and self-sufficiency with chickens and a smallholding. Too young to understand as it was post WW11. Now after experiencing loss of parents and widowhood, I find myself in a bubble of fear as I am 75 years old in surprisingly good health, feeling threatened by the unknown. To maintain my well-being I started volunteering at the Caerphilly Miners. Covid-19 has halted this.


So, like my parents, I have adapted to a new lifestyle, following in their footsteps.  The community has again come together - shopping for the vulnerable who are dependant on family and friends. This I find difficult, losing my control and independence.


One valuable lesson will ideally emerge now; slow down, appreciate life's basics, and accept any help on offer. When this dilemma ends and it will, can I find the confidence to step out into a changed world?  Yes, I will, as this the sure way of putting back in what I have taken out and be grateful for the pleasures around you.  


Safe journey to everyone as I enter my fourth week of isolation.   



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Linda Boyce from the Craft Group made this card for Captain Tom Moore. Happy 100th Birthday from us all.


Louise's daughter has also made a card for Captain Tom Moore for his birthday.

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Louise Kenyon is kindly looking after the Miners Centre's plants.  The beautiful crochet rainbow was made by the Mother of one of her music students.


Overnight, I went from being a parent to becoming both a teacher and classmate. I haven't a clue what I am doing and like most parents I am just muddling through. I am tired. My inner thoughts have been replaced by a louder voice outside my head saying 'mam, mam'. And my shadow has been replaced by a much shorter one. But I am lucky. I am lucky to be safe at home with my partner and son. I am lucky to have someone to talk to. I have food in my cupboard. I have a garden to make the most of this beautiful weather. Like most parents, my house is a mess right now but I am just glad my son's mental health is not in the same state! I think sometimes, when we are consumed by difficult times, we forget that actually our children might be struggling too. That tantrum over the biscuit you wouldn't let them have may have nothing to do with the biscuit. Our children are hearing on the news, accounts of death tolls rising and seeing images of people kitted out in PPE. They are taking it all in. They know why they aren't in school. They are missing their friends. And grandparents. And routine. Just like when they snapped or broke down over the biscuit, you probably did when they called you for the hundredth time this morning. We forget children are human too. They are learning to deal with their emotions. Just like you want to scream because you can't remember the last time you enjoyed a hot cup of tea, they want to scream too. And they do. Let them. Hug them. Enjoy this quality time with them. Make memories. Bake cakes. Build dens. Get messy. Be silly. And remember, although they are not in school they are learning. And you are learning too. Don't be so hard on yourself!


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My Volunteering efforts - Glenda Burnett

As well as reading board papers, I have looked into advice and prepared some notes off official websites regarding infection control and sat a short basic on-line course for 3 hours.

I have set up a closed group on Facebook  for 10 close friends as an easy way to offer support to each other e.g a friend’s mother passed away  I organised flowers from the group and we were able to express our sympathy and share memories of her lovely mam. We have shared photos, laughed at our school 5th form photo  and at hair styles (or lack of style) during lockdown. We have been there for each other for over 50 years.

As a thank you for being there for my friend and colleague who had covid -19 and my daughter during her pregnancy and birth of my granddaughter I have spent approximately 55 to 60 hours sewing 10 tunic scrubs for the health service ( see photos). This has been a challenge over my 2 weeks leave from work that I was happy to take on. Fingers picked several times, aching shoulders  and burnt arm on the iron was worth the effort. 

These shoes were made for walking!

My Walks

My phone tells me I’ve walked 1,056,200 steps since lockdown – that’s about 500 miles (800 Km) and 200 hours of walking.  I’ve enjoyed the woods, birds, the peace, and the freedom of being outdoors in the early mornings, but my comfortable shoes aren’t so happy. 

Katherine Hughes        

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