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Blanket Handover Ceremony 
-20th November 2023-

Thank you to Hefin David MS for coming to the Miners and making the presentations for us again this year.  


We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to all our volunteers that have spent hours knitting rectangles and crocheting blankets together. You have all worked very hard and produced amazing results!  Very well done and thank you! We’re so proud to announce that 82 blankets were produced which represents 2500 hours of volunteering from knitting over 2000 rectangles, sorting them, crocheting them together, labelling, and packing.  Lots of people have donated wool, goodwill and this project has allowed people to volunteer from home. 


Pictured on our staircase with Hefin are the volunteers who were involved with our project including: Mary Hughes, Ruth Starr, Marion Watts, Christine Shawyer, Caroline Kitson, Vera Vaughan, Jan Richards, Lynne Hammond and Katherine Hughes.  


Our recipients are: 

- Julie Inwood from Llamau who support the refuges in Caerphilly received 28 blankets and toiletries donated by the community and Asda 


- Candice Griffiths from CaerphillyWelcomingSpaces.  The Caerphilly Cares Team received 32 blankets which will be distributed to some of their meals on wheels clients as well as needy families. 

- Shauna from ParentNetwork received 22 blankets and some children’s blankets for their project. 

Our knitting project is ongoing and if you would like to get involved then please email to organise any wool, needles or instructions required.  Alternatively, if you would like to drop off any wool donations or rectangles then please do get in contact. 

To read the report from the Caerphilly Observer please click here 

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