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We need your help!

To continue running the host of activities on offer at Caerphilly Miners’ Centre, and to continue preserving our historic building, we need support from our community.


We are so grateful for all the help we receive and would like to offer two types of memberships detailed below...

Become a Friend of Caerphilly Miners’ Centre


There is no cost involved in this, however, any donation you could make would be greatly appreciated.


By becoming a friend, you will receive regular newsletters to keep you up to date with everything that’s happening at the centre. The more people who support us, the more security we can have going forward - meaning we can continue to serve and support the community in which we are embedded.

Become a Core Member


If you would like to play an active role in how the centre is run, why not become a Core Member?


Core Members will be able to have a say on the matters which affect the Miners’, such as picking our trustees and attending our Annual General Meetings. To become a Core Member, there is a £10 charge. This will be used to cover your Limited Liability as a member.

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