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Chris – Gardening Volunteer

◾️ Tell us a little about yourself.

Having lived in Caerphilly for nearly 40 years, our children were born in the Miners Hospital, so it felt natural to get involved as a volunteer when I retired. I am passionate about gardening and my retirement coincided with the Centre wanting to reinvent the derelict area in from of the building. I was hooked!

◾️ What volunteer role (or roles) are you involved in at Caerphilly Miners?

Transforming any space that hasn’t got a building on it into a tranquil, beautiful space for people to enjoy.

◾️ Why do you enjoy this role (roles)?

I love the creative challenge, working in the fresh air and mixing with a friendly talented group of people all who want to make the space more beautiful

◾️ What do you think the participants get from this activity?

The satisfaction of seeing the garden grow, meeting new people, gaining skills and doing something about climate change..

◾️ We would like to encourage others to volunteer with us at the Miners. Can you tell us why you would recommend it?

It’s an easy place to volunteer, with a supportive environment, a ‘can do’ attitude and an amazing record of making a difference.

If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please email:

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