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Celebrating Our Heritage

Our 2021 Heritage Project

My Life With the Miners Website Messages

T.M: I was born in Caerphilly Miners Hospital, the youngest of 8 children in May 1960. I was premature, and my mother passed away shortly after giving birth and I was taken to Cardiff Royal Infirmary as I was less than 2lbs in weight. My father couldn't cope with 7 children under 11 and a prem newborn, so I was adopted by his brother and wife. I have fond memories of the A&E department as I got older, as I was like an accident looking for somewhere to happen. I was so sad when it had to close


B.S.W: I was born in the Miners, my Mam had, had 2 miscarriages she wouldn't buy anything, so when I was born she didn't even have a baby vest, so my Grampi rushed out to get clothes, & it was also Pancake Day so he took her some Pancakes too.


C.C: During research into my family tree, I have discovered that my great grandmother, who we had always thought had lived her life in Dover, died at the 'Wesley Annexe' in 1946 which I have discovered was the Wesleyan Hall which was annexed to the Caerphilly Miner's Hospital. She is buried in Penyrheol Cemetery. Do you have any further information on the Wesleyan Hall and what type of patients they treated there? I am not aware of any connections between my family who are all from Dover and Reigate with South Wales so it is intriguing to learn that she left her family to live there. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.


R.J: My father was a local historian, so I probably have photos / books. I also did my two weeks work experience there in the planning department and am now a draughtsman.


Lucy Collins: My dad died suddenly in 1998 when I was 17, we all rushed down after the ambulance but found out he had passed outside on the main entrance where my mam auntie and little sister were. Every time I go passed it always reminds of awful day because the entrance is still there. 3 years later in 2001 I had my first baby a daughter who I named Seren because she was like a little shining star to me always has been which helped me to get through the grief


L.P: I gave birth to my son Mathew at Caerphilly Miners Hospital on 2 January 1969. Mathew has lived and worked in Vancouver Canada for many years now and is a member of Vancouver Welsh Society. A few years ago another member of this society asked him was it true that Mathew came from Caerphilly. Mathew said that he was born in Caerphilly Miners. It turned out that this man was a junior doctor at The Miners when Mathew was born. He and his wife had retired to Vancouver. He asked Mathew if I could recall any of the staff working there at that time! Well I could name most of them and remember him, as I was there for nearly two weeks. Small World.


K.G: I was born in ‘The Miners’’ in 1950; my wife in 1951. My brother-in-law in 1956 and my brother had a hernia operation in 1958. I remember having to stand outside and wave to him whilst my mother brought him to the window - children weren’t allowed in in those days. As an apprentice for BT (then Post Office Telephones) I was taught how to repair the telephone switchboard system (I think the switchboard operator was a gentleman named Blaydon, but I may be wrong). Don’t know if these facts are of interest.


K.B: Hi my son was born here in 14-10-2000 what a lovely experience with such good midwives


K.J: My Dad was there for along time with fractured pelvis about 1947ish and I gave born to 2 sons there 1979 and 1981


H.E: I was born in the Miners  although later transferred to St David's in Cardiff, as I was premature). I worked as a Midwife in Caerphilly from 1989-2001, some of the happiest times of my life. My daughter was born there in 1992, delivered by my great friend and wonderful midwife, Maggie Davies. My Grandfather Timothy McCarthy was one of the many Miners that contributed money that resulted in the hospital being built. I was very proud to work here.


D.E: The Miners Hospital holds a lot of memories, having my son Thomas Born in 1992 and my daughter Holly in 1998, the staff were amazing, from the anti-natal classes - scan appointments through to the births, we also attended the A&E department several times, with broken bones being reset, all the memories were happy ones as it’s was small and friendly. Now my son lives on the new estate Beech Tree View, almost on the spot that he was born. Unfortunately no photographs to show the hospital, as before mobile phones.


J.J: I was born in the Miners Hospital in 1974. My mum passed away there in 2002 and in 2003 I gave birth to my daughter there.


J.S: My son Paul was born in dec 24th 1971 in the Miner’s hospital


S.P: My children were both born at Caerphilly Miners Hospital. My husband was the first father to have been present at the birth of a baby there. He witnessed the birth of our son David. The midwifery staff did everything they could to persuade me to change my mind and not have him with me. In fact right up to just before David’s birth they were still trying to prevent him from coming into the labour ward. They were not impressed when I told them he had a right to be there that they relented.


J.P: My husband was born in the miners in 1957 and myself in 1958. Our 2 children were born there in the 80s. My first delivered by sister Betty Parfitt (no relation). We visited numerous relatives in the miners as well as using the a&e for our own children with falls bumps and was a sad day when it closed.


K.R: Regarding your 'memories of CDMH', I was born there on 31st October 1959. My mother had been admitted 3 weeks prior to my birth as she had toxaemia. I was born healthy and weighing 10lbs 1oz. We left the hospital 10 days later. At the age of 2, I was admitted into Llanbradach ward (the children’s ward) to have an adenectomy. In those days parents weren't allowed to stay with their child, and I remember breaking my heart every time my parents left. Thankfully my aunt Phyllis Thomas was a domestic at the hospital and she would come and give me a cwtch and my bottle. Over the years I had various other operations and procedures at Caerphilly Miners' and on the 24th June 1987, I gave birth to my daughter in the maternity department. She weighed in a healthy 9lbs 12ozs. The Miners' Hospital holds many memories for me, it was a wonderful hospital with wonderful staff.


G.B: I have a huge fondness for the Miners. I had my first baby there in 2002, and it was they were fabulous. In 2006 I was pregnant with me second baby - and at the scan was told it was second and third - TWINS! In what was quite a stressful time, the staff at the hospital were amazing. I'd be happy to share my story.


E.K: My mother was a Nurse, I was born in Caerphilly miners and worked as a Midwife there. We are a Abertridwr family.


S.M: My son was born 5/9/1972 in Caerphilly Miners. I think the maternity unit had only been open a few weeks. It was the same week Carrefour supermarket opened in Caerphilly (the first large supermarket in the area, perhaps Wales). I remember watching the queues of traffic on the road to get to Carrefour, the bypass wasn’t built then.


C.W: I was born in the Miners hospital in the 90s my grandparents also worked there as a nurse and hospital porter


D.M: In 1992 I had my daughter in Caerphilly Miners and I got talking to another lady on the ward and during our conversation we realised that we were both born in Caerphilly miners on the same week and we were both having our children in Caerphilly miners and both our brothers were born in the same week at Caerphilly miners.


K.G: Born here in 2001 January


J.B: I was born in the Miners 1961. My 2 children born there in 1986 1988


A.M: I was born here, at 11.55pm on the 13th March 1984 during the miners strikes and electricity cuts and at a time when even wards were closed off due to lack of money and staff and power. Thanks to all the staff that helped my mother to have me. My siblings were all born here too, and the endless trips to A&E, and outpatients, physio etc..... Seems a lifetime ago. Something put in the community by the community, then taken away. So sad


J.D: I have birth 3 times here. The third time I was in the newspaper whilst on the ward for having a smoke free baby on 08.03.1999


C.T: I was born there


G.E: Both my sister and I were born in the Miners. My oldest cousin was also born there and I have a vivid memory of being called by my uncle to go to his home and get the overnight bag for them - I’d only recently passed my driving test and was terrified!


K.D: I was born in the Miners in 1967. It remained our hospital as we stayed local. I was fortunate enough to give birth to my 3 children there also, two of them in the same room. I think I was the first to give birth after it became midwife led on March 4th 2002

GH -  I worked there as a nurse and a midwife 1965 -68 and again 1972 - 80 and again 1990 -2000

E.B: My son was born in the new maternity unit in the Miners, August 2004. My oldest son was born in The Gwent in 2002, but I came back to the miners maternity unit for a couple of days to recuperate. This was in the old maternity unit.

M.S: My mam gave birth to my twin brothers at the miners in October 1961. 16 months later she gave birth to me and my twin sister My twin sister and I were born in the miners in February 1963. My mam had to travel from Penybryn (Gelligaer) in an ambulance The story goes that we were almost born in the ambulance as the ambulance got stuck in the snow

T.D:  I'm an animator who was born in Caerphilly Miners, would love to contribute anyway I can in bringing the history and people back to life, here are a few of my videos


S.R: I would be interested in volunteering to help in creating videos of the history of Caerphilly miners.


S.G: I would like to volunteer to help with the history of the Miners project. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. I was a patient at the maternity unit and after 10 years of trying for a baby and numerous IVF cycles I had my first scan that showed my miracle baby at the miners. I had all may maternity appointments at the miners and saw my midwife there a lot. I had issues so couldn't give birth there needing a consultant but I was back and stayed in to establish breast feeding. My care and experience at the miners was amazing and I miss the hospital and its staff. (Story recorded)


E.C.C: I would like to have more information about volunteering to collect and research stories and information


P.D: Very interested, how can I help?


C.R: I am not a resident of Caerphilly but I am a miners daughter, grand daughter and great granddaughter. I am a teacher in Tonyrefail Community School and I live in Gilfach Goch. I don’t know if this would exclude me from this project. I hope not but if possible, I would like to volunteer.

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