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Celebrating Our Heritage

Your Miners' Centre

Facebook Responses

“When you think of the Miners' Centre what's the first thing that comes to mind?”

Kaye Rees: Standing on the balcony of Llanbradach ward, after having my adenoids removed, and crying as my parents left. Parents weren't allowed to stay with children in the early 60's.


Ann Lewis: Dyma'r ysbyty ble ganed fy merch, ac rwy'n dal i gofio'r caredigrwydd a'r awyrgylch gartrefol.

Della Leigh Mahony: My son was born there. He also had a broken arm operated on there plus numerous other visits to their accident department with him. I lived on Watford Farm when expecting him but spent 2 weeks in the Miners before he was born early because of potential problems. I just wanted to go home but thankfully they kept me there.
I had very good care and they saved him when he stopped breathing just after he was born.

Christine Shawyer: Rushing there one afternoon after my son's road accident on the road from Sengynydd approx 1983 He was 17, seriously hurt but a doctor was passing and helped him until the ambulance arrived. The staff at the Miner's were so good, led me into recovery as he had to have operation before I arrived. We were so grateful for the care... I believe the Consultant was a Mr. Halden...

Jenni Jones Annetts: Y Glowyr Canolfan i bawb o bob oed. Cymuned groesawgar, glyd, gartrefol. Gweithgareddau a chyfleoedd cymdeithasu, dysgu a chadw’n iach yn gorfforol ac yn feddyliol Cyfleoedd gwirfoddoli.

Elizabeth Mary Bergelin: Where my 2nd baby boy was born and where I received excellent care after having my first baby in the Gwent. I miss the hospital but I’m glad it has been repurposed for the good of the community.


Alison Palmer: My grandparents actually crashed their car right in the entrance to the Hospital. My grandmother blamed the green coat she had bought. She said it was unlucky to wear green. The first time she wore it she fell as she was getting off a bus. Broke her glasses and cut her face. She had to go to the Miners to be put back together. The following week, Grampa was taking her in his lovely old Morris Oxford to have the stitches out. Drove across the junction from St Martins Road and was hit in the side by a Jenson Interceptor driving up the Watford at great speed. (you can tell I like cars). The fire brigade were called to get them out of the car (Dad had just retired from the service but they rang him anyway when they found out who it was - Grampa had been in the Fire Service many years before) and my Mum worked on St Martins Road and saw the engine etc. go past. They were both OK but shaken, and both cars written off, although we were able to drive the Oxford away, the Jenson was very crumpled..................... and my gran blamed the green coat!

Kayleigh Davies: The place 2 of my children were born, makes it sad they cant see the place the actual building they were born in but we have enjoyed a few movie craft afternoons there which were fab 😊

Caroline Praxis: I was planning to volunteer there - but then came lockdown.😭

Nia: Y Glowyr yw’r galon sy’n uno’r gymuned wrth gynnig arlwy ar gyfer pob chwaeth.

Jayne Olsen: Recovery. Not just bceause of its previous incarnation as a hospital, but for me personally. Having struggled with severe anxiety for ten years, it's been volunteer work and classes at the Miners Centre that have pulled me out of my hermit habits and helped me get used to being around people again. I'm so grateful that it's given me the opportunity to forge new friendships. <3

Sarah Roberts: Loss of a great hospital 😞

Emily Merle Jones: My grandfather who was one of the founders and I have the original photo in a frame dated 1923.


Angela Hamilton: Sadnesses loss of a brilliant hospital everything was done at the miners xx


Marcia Thomas: Where my eldest daughter was born and a couple of operations. In the last few years where I have enjoed many happy hours and made lots of good friends and of course where I met Prince Charles.


Joanne Roberts: Picture of the building with all the founders hanging at my mothers. As her grandfather was one of the founders.

Paula Attwood-Rees: Miner's and their history and the history of the building.

Lucy Wegener: The place where me and my sister born!!


Christopher Wilkes: Fantastic fireplace friendly people


Richard Pryce: Happy memories of working in CDMH with amazing colleagues and friends ❤

Rebecca Bushen: The place where I was born


Kate Vincent: My baby sister being born there when I was 9, being really excited and walking along a wall on the way to the maternity ward with my Dad and sisters! Also my two children were born there, I had my chin stitched back up there age 7 after going over the handlebars of my bike! Lots of fond memories of the Miners!❤️


Lisa Watkins: Both myself and my first child being born there x


Abby Jones: Where my 2nd child was born. Lovely lovely memories of wonderful staff x


Kelly Watt: Lovely events


Corinne Dewey: Poor miners coughing all night(retired nurse) and the jokes they played on me on night duty 


Lisa Newton Welsby: Best place I was ever employed .... amazing hospital amazing staff 


Lauren Cripps: The place I was born


Alison Palmer: Community

Sharon Kauczok: Me waiting for my mum and dad to be able to visit me after my tonsillectomy almost 60 years ago. OMG I'm so old.....! xx


Carol Joy Sharpe: Where I visited at Christmas time with my friends as their mother was a nurse there and both my children were born there. Have lots of memories of this place and was so sad to see the hospital close x


Margaret Ware: The birth of my three grandsons


Cynthia And Mike Stoodley: Lovely old picture⛏ of miner. And my line dancing class.

Patricia Perrett: The loss if a wonderful community hospital x


Sue Williams: The birth of both my lovely children. No longer children 🙈🙈. Now adults with children of their own.


Lydia Filer: Wish they never closed the miners it was a fantastic hospital my 3 children was born there and had my hysterectomy there too


Bev Edwards: Saturday craft fair. Loved it


Cynthia Robinson: The maternity and Bedwas wards


John Phillips: My place of birth, and a few other visits.


Brett Jenkins: Council nicked it to build houses

Ann Prosser: I second that big boy 💕


Lesley Young: Birth! I was born there and so was my eldest son.


Kelly Ann Walsh: The gorgeous fireplace xx


Susan Williams: Where both my daughters were born. It was very convenient having such a good hospital on our doorstep. I was sad to see it go as I’m sure lots of people felt the same way.


Nikki Liverton: Art ♥️


Melissa James: Dancing x


Irene Burrows: Friendship


Jackie Howells: Babies


Moya Campbell: Nice cuppa tea


Emma Burns: Birth


Jackie Berrington: Tai Chi

Cat Mørgan: My eldest daughter was born at the hospital. Now it’s the miners centre, to be honest I completely forget it’s even there, not much idea what goes on there. Is there maybe a cafe and exercise classes for old people. That’s all I know about it.


Dee Copeland: The worn dip in the front step. Trod this a few times taking a short cut to the wards.

John Lloyd:

Canolfan y Glowyr : Englyn gan John Lloyd
Ei furiau'n llawn cof o'r gofal - yn grud
ac yn graig i'r ardal.
Heddiw dewch i'r tŷ'n ddi-dâl
â gwên sy'n fodd i'w gynnal.

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