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Emily, Sophie, and Gwyneth
Youth volunteers


◾️ Tell us a little about yourself.

Sofi and Emily are year 10 pupils and Caitlin is in her first year of sixth form.

◾️ What volunteer role (or roles) are you involved in at Caerphilly Miners?

We volunteer for children’s activities during afterschool sessions and holiday activities. We have also come along to help with event and craft preparation.

◾️ Why do you enjoy this role (roles)?

The Miners is a happy environment to volunteer in. Lots of opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. It feels good to help in our community. We have gained experiences of supporting children. Caitlin would like to work in education in the future. We have lots of support form the adult volunteers and project leader.

◾️ What do you think the participants get from this activity?

The clubs are a great way for children to socials outside of schools and learn new skills. The cooking club is educational for the children. We explore a different country, and the children are introduced to different types of food each week. The activities are a place for children to have fun!

◾️ We would like to encourage others to volunteer with us at the Miners. Can you tell us why you would recommend it?

volunteer with us at the Miners. Can you tell us why you would It is a welcoming environment, and we are supported by the staff and volunteers. A great place to meet new people. You can also gain experience that may help you in the future.

◾️ Is there anything else you would like to add?

We heard about volunteering from a family member and social media; we highly recommend volunteering for the miners. It’s a great experience.

If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please email:

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