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Gardening group volunteers visit to Gelliargwellt Farm, Recycling Centre
 Wed 14th February 2024 -

farm 1.jpg

The CMCC CCG volunteers chose to spend the morning of Valentine’s Day this year by visiting Gelliargwellt Farm in Gelligaer - BrynGroup.  We thank the team at the recycling centre and Huw for making it possible for us to observe the making of soil improving compost from the beginning ie the delivery of our (the Caerphilly area’s) food waste.

Below: The amazing Wackerbauer bag splitter machine which extracts the food waste from the bags we use to parcel up our food waste for the council. 


The non food waste/bags are extracted and you can see them piled up in this photo:

farm 3.jpg

The food waste is mixed with cattle slurry from the farm’s cattle stock in this anaerobic digester (below left) to break down the food.  The methane gas this mixture creates enters the gas turbine area and becomes electricity (below right).

The liquid mix is then pasteurised to kill off bugs and becomes a useful soil improver. This when mixed with well rotted garden waste is the mulch we have been adding to our borders in readiness for our propagated seedlings and cuttings for this year’s garden growth.

Left are heaps of garden waste in the process of rotting down.

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