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Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community

Trustees are collectively responsible for the control and management of our charity and for acting reasonably and prudently as guardians of its best interest.  

Trustees have legal duties to ensure that our charity carries out its purpose for public benefit, is managed with care and skill, is accountable, manages its resources well and complies with its governing document and the law.  

The board currently meets 10 times a year, with meetings usually lasting 2 hours, sometimes online.   

Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community was initially set up in 2008 to save the old hospital from demolition and breathe new life into it. It has grown into a substantial community hub with 10 community rooms, a Wellness Hub of 8 independent therapists, and a well-maintained climate change garden.  Over 500 people visit the building each week, rooms are hired for 75 hours and we have a grant and earned income of £100,000+ a year, supporting 68 active volunteers and 10 part time staff.

Our mission is to support the wellbeing of our community, celebrate our social heritage and value our environment. Our ethos is to embrace the Welsh language, respect individuality, safeguard opportunities for everyone whatever their capabilities, and address loneliness and isolation. Our focus is on well-being activities that support volunteering, collaborative and partnership working and supporting self-help.  

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