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Barbara - Admin Volunteer

Barbara (left) is the volunteer administrator for our Craft and Chat group

◾️Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a retired midwife and spent 7 years working in Australia. I’m a born again Christian and attend a church in Cardiff. I also have a dog.

◾️ What volunteer role (or roles) are you involved in at Caerphilly Miners?

Craft and Chat - Chief Tea maker!
I am the connection between the group and the projects coordinator, passing on any feedback, workshops and activities the group would like to have.

◾️ Why do you enjoy this role?

I love the company, it’s really lovely to come and socialise with a wonderful group of people.

◾️ What do you think the participants get from the activity?

I think there is comradery between everyone in the group. There is no competitivity or judgement, they are really supportive, happy, caring and help each other.

◾️ We would like to encourage others to volunteer with us at the Miners. Can you tell us why you would recommend it?

You get to meet different people that you wouldn’t normally. It’s a very inclusive environment and welcoming.

If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please email:

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