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Knitting Project 2024

Hi, I’m Caroline and I’ve been knitting since lockdown. For a number of years I’d knitted for the St Martin’s church Christmas tree festival – from about September onwards. When lockdown came, I just knitted in the evening - all year. And with no Christmas tree festivals donated to the Miners knitting project. Since then, if I’m at home in the evening, my knitting needles are going as I watch a good drama! It’s become a part of relaxing and obviously of benefit to others. I buy my wool from a local charity shop too, so there’s a double win too. 

This is Ruth S and she is one of our knitting project volunteers.  She crochets rectangles together to create blankets.  She also volunteers in our gardening group and takes the Thursday's Chair exercise classes.

Here is the Knit and Natter group at Heol Islwyn Older Person's Housing in Nelson, who are busy knitting rectangles for our blanket project. Thank you everyone!

Thank you to everyone for your wool donations! 

 We have had a lovely assortment in different colours, thanks.  We’d also like to say a big thanks to Caerphilly Uniform Exchange for their generous wool donation.  We’re still taking wool donations and you’re welcome to drop them off in the specified box in our Coffee house.  Thank you! 

At the end of January one of our volunteers called Ruth came with her husband to drop off rectangles!  Thanks Ruth.

We really appreciate each and every one of our knitting and crocheting volunteers and thank them for their hard efforts in producing rectangles and crocheting rectangles together to make blankets.  This is an amazing community effort.  Well done everybody!

Here is Amie, our Youth Development Officer holding up a wonderful example of a completed blanket! Amie has also been organising knitting blankets, rectangles, wool supplies and needles in our craft room. She has also arranged to meet some of our new volunteers to give them a full introduction and any wool supplies. Thank you, Amie.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please register with us by emailing:

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