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Celebrating the Centenary

Sustaining our heritage for the future

We need your stories and pictures!

As part of our Centenary Celebrations, we will start to collect people’s memories for a book and collection of oral stories about ‘My Life and the Miners’, which we plan to publish next year. 


The 'Miners' hospital was the place where most of the population of Caerphilly were born, had treatment, or worked.


From 30th June 2023 to February 28th 2024, we will be inviting people to share their stories and images - either written or oral - to create a lasting record of our social heritage.  The themes could include:

  • my family through the generations,

  • the building and surrounding land,

  • living in a mining community,

  • links with the hospital – work, treatment, equipment

  • key events and milestones,

  • the closure of the hospital, and

  • creating the new community centre. 


If you have a story to share, we would like a brief statement (up to 100 words) to describe your memory.  Please include your name, contact phone, email address.  Would you like to tell or write your story?  Do you have photos / images we can scan and use?. 


Please email or complete the Expression of Interest form at the centre and return it to the Heritage post-box. 

We are setting up a small working group to process this information and carry out research.  Please tell us if you would like to join it! 

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