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Liz – Gardening Volunteer

◾️ Tell us a little about yourself.

I work part time, regularly mind my grandchildren and for relaxation and the chance to speak with adults I volunteer every Wednesday morning at the Centre.

◾️ What volunteer role (or roles) are you involved in at Caerphilly Miners?

I am a volunteer gardener and do a bit of administration work.

◾️ Why do you enjoy this role (roles)?

I have learnt so much about climate change gardening it now spills out into my own garden which makes me very happy. I get to spend time with other volunteers who are like minded, we learn together from our lead gardener, and we have built relationships on common interest.

◾️ What do you think the participants get from this activity?

When we share what we get from the gardening we all agree it is bonding over a common interest, becoming fitter and healthier out in the open air, the satisfaction and pleasure we gain from seeing the ‘fruits’ of our work and the appreciation from the community.

◾️ We would like to encourage others to volunteer with us at the Miners. Can you tell us why you would recommend it?

The Miners is a friendly place: the staff and volunteers you meet ‘on the door’ and in the café are welcoming, ‘warm’ and chatty.

◾️ Is there anything else you would like to add?

I hadn’t used a computer in a while and was unsure on some of the more recently updated applications but there have been opportunities to spend time with people who were willing to train me.

If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please email:

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