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◾️ Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a retired Primary school teacher. I have two adult children and four grandchildren. I attend Windsor Road Presbyterian Church where I am an Elder. I am also a long-term member of Caerphilly ladies’ choir where I hold the post of treasurer.

◾️ What volunteer role (or roles) are you involved in at Caerphilly Miners?

At the Miners' Centre I belong to the gardening group and take the Chair Exercise Class. At home I crochet together the many knitted squares to make the blankets which are given out to charities each year.

◾️ Why do you enjoy this role (roles)?

These roles are quite different but equally enjoyable. It is good to garden with other like-minded people and to see the vast improvement that has been made with many hands working together. The exercise class has jelled together to make a group of friends who feel better for keeping fit and give us time to have a laugh.

◾️ What do you think the participants get from this activity?

Working on the blankets is rewarding knowing they are needed by people in the colder winter months. This can be done in the comfort of your own home with one eye on the TV !!!!

◾️ We would like to encourage others to volunteer with us at the Miners. Can you tell us why you would recommend it?

I would encourage anyone who is able, to join in a class or classes that suit their interests. They will benefit, and seeing for themselves the difference it makes, may feel that they too could offer time to volunteer and help others to improve their lifestyle. Give it a try, you know it makes sense!!!!

If you would like to become a volunteer with us, please email:

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