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Canolfan Glowyr Caerffili/Caerphilly Miners CentreHeol Watford/Watford Road Caerffili / Caerphilly CF83 1BJ Guidance for Room Hirers We’re pleased that you are using our centre for your class or activity and hope that this is a pleasurable experience. Please be aware that this centre is mainly run by volunteers, who are generously donating their time. If you have any comments or queries please contact the Steward looking after you, phone 02921 674242 or e-mail You are entitled to… •Have the building open in time for you to set up and close down – we will endeavour to allow 10 minutes at each end of your booking – if you need more time than this you need to tell us and we will charge you by the half hour (currently £5 per half hour); •Expect a clean room, cleared or with equipment / furniture as specified (you will be charged £10 for setting up projectors and screens for one off bookings) •Refreshments if you have requested them (a charge will be made for this – drinks £1 per head and food from £3.50) •Hospitality and health and safety information - toilets, health and safety, fire exits •Access to parking and disabled parking, ramped access to the building as required •Be treated courteously Our expectations of you – please…. •Sign your room hire agreement, and pay the enclosed invoice to secure your booking •Specify what furniture, equipment and refreshments you need •Expect to pay for all rooms in full if they have not been cancelled 1 week in advance •Do not expect your room(s) to be available more than 10 minutes before start time •Inform us if you are going to be late •Ensure that you take responsibility for the health and safety of all your clients including keeping a register of all those attending. •Leave the room as you found it, leave promptly after your session and avoid making a noise in the hall / corridor as this disturbs other people •Do not use the kitchen or remove anything from / leave anything in it. Leave used cups in the room or on the counter in the kitchen and switch off all electrical equipment. •Respect our commitment to sustainable development: take rubbish home, and ensure your clients put recycling into the bin provided in the front of the building. •Do not adjust the radiators – room temperature is regulated by opening windows in the cafe. •Ensure that any windows you open are locked before you leave •Do not use any Sellotape on painted walls, doors or windows – white tack only please! •Inform the Steward at the centre of any problems and show respect to Stewards and other centre users. Conditions of Hire The Hirer shall be responsible for…. •supervision of the premises, protection of the building and contents, from damage however slight, and the behaviour of all persons using the premises whatever their capacity •obtaining any licences necessary in connection with the booking. The Trust holds a music licence and premises licence for the sale of alcohol, live performances and cinema between 9 am and 11.30 pm •ensuring that they are suitably qualified to deliver the activity and insuring against any third-party claims which may lie against his/her organisation whilst using the community centre and he/she may be required to produce written evidence of such cover •observing all safety regulations applying to the premises as required by the Licensing and Fire Authorities, including PAT testing any electrical equipment brought into the centre •not sub-letting or using premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring on to the premises anything which may endanger the premises, their users, or any relevant insurance policies •Indemnifying the Trust against the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the property including its surroundings or the contents of the building, during or as a result of a booking; The Trust may require written evidence of Insurance cover before a hire agreement is made •Undertaking a risk assessment, identifying potential risks for the event. The Trust … •will inspect the credentials of / insurance held by Hirers before letting its premises •will not let its premises for 18th or 21st birthday parties or for use of bouncy castles. •reserves the right to restrict the use of the centre, its facilities, equipment and hours of access and to levy additional charges for late night opening, additional cleaning, etc. Health and Safety issues •Fire safety. If the fire alarms sound, follow the fire arrows (these point either to the front or side door exits). Do not stop to pick up bags or coats. The Fire Assembly point is the old bus shelter near the entrance. •Accidents. The first aid box and accident book are on the windowsill in the café. The defibrillator is on the wall to the left of the entrance to the cafe •If someone is taken ill: not all the Stewards have first aid training, but they will be able to call an ambulance for you if necessary. •Manual handling. Please do not move tables and chairs unless with a Steward / member of staff and then only with two people. •Toilets: there are male, female and disabled toilets on the ground and first floors. •Aggressive behaviour: this will not be tolerated and will result in perpetrators being excluded from the building.

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