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mark_drakeford_hefin_david_katherine_hughesFriday April 28th, 2023.jpg

Hefin David MS calls for longer term volunteer support

28th April 2023


Miners’ Centre presented with royal tree

23rd February 2023

Caerphilly_Miners_Centre_Ukraine_club_1-October 31st, 2022.jpg

Miners' Centre fundraising buys train tickets for ukrainians

31st October 2022


Climate change garden unveiled thanks to volunteer efforts

3rd August 2022

Yulia_Bond_4-July 20th, 2022.jpg

Ukrainian refugee in Caerphilly shares experience of war

20th July 2022


Grant funding to grow veg!

7th July 2022

Katherine-Hughes-3Thursday June 23rd, 2022.jpg

The biggest challenge is “to keep our doors open”

23rd June 2022

caerphilly_miners_centre_for_the_community_lotto_grant-November 15th, 2021.jpg

Caerphilly Miners' Centre gets 9k national lottery funding

15th November 2021

Katherine_Hughes_Lottery_Award_Cerys_Matthews_1October 12th, 2021..jpg

Katherine Hughes wins national lottery award

12th October 2021

Katherine-Hughes-3Thursday June 23rd, 2022.jpg

Volunteer up for national award

19th July 2021

mark_drakeford_hefin_david_katherine_hughesFriday April 28th, 2023.jpg

First Minister visits “fantastic” Caerphilly Miners’ Centre

23rd April 2021

Katherine_Hughes_Caerphilly_Miners_Centre_2January 28th, 2021.jpg

Meet the person central to the transformation of the Miners’ Centre

28th January 2021


Activities return to Miners’ Centre following lockdown

13th August 2020


Caerphilly Miners Centre supporting the community through closed doors

20th March 2020

Caerphilly_miners_ministerial_visit_ March 22nd, 2019.jpg

Welsh Government confirms £700,000 of funding for Caerphilly Miners Centre

7th July 2022

tommy_cooper_defib_miners_centre-November 20th, 2018..jpg

Tommy Cooper Society deliver another life-saving device

20th November 2018

caerphilly_miners_centre_for_the_community_lotto_grant-December 4th, 2018.jpg

Caerphilly Miners Centre for the Community hits £925,000 fundraising target

4th December 2018

Miners-centre-Alun-davies-600x339 February 22nd, 2018.jpg

Caerphilly Miners’ Centre for the Community praised by Welsh Government minister

23rd February 2018


HRH Prince Charles visits Caerphilly Miners’ Centre

8th December 2017

Lovell-Caerphilly-Miners-Centre-for-the-Community-donationJuly 15th, 2015..jpg

Caerphilly Miners’ Hospital project given cash boost

15th July 2015

Caerphilly-Miners January 22nd, 2015.jpg

Work progresses on Miners’ Community Centre

22nd January 2015

The-Beeches-building-at-the August 13th, 2020.jpg

Caerphilly Miners’ Centre project gets £40,000 grant from Veolia

2nd July 2014

The-Beeches-building-at-the August 13th, 2020.jpg

99-year lease agreed for new Caerphilly Miners’ Community Centre

26th March 2014

The-Beeches-building-at-the August 13th, 2020.jpg

Caerphilly Miners’ Hospital Community Centre project awarded £250,000 grant

28th January 2014

The-Beeches-building-at-the August 13th, 2020.jpg

Fundraising for Caerphilly Miners’ Centre to get underway

25th June 2013


Woman leaves Caerphilly Miners’ Community Centre project £50,000 legacy

23rd April 2013

The-Beeches-building-at-the August 13th, 2020.jpg

£500 raised for Caerphilly Miners’ Community Centre project

18th March 2013


Community shows support for Miners’ Hospital project

9th October 2012

The-Beeches-building-at-the August 13th, 2020.jpg

Caerphilly Miners’ Community Centre group given charitable status

17th February 2012

Caerphilly_Miners_Hospital_-_geograph.org_.uk_ November 11th, 2011.jpg

Caerphilly says goodbye to the Miners’ Hospital

11th November 2011

Caerphilly-Miners-June 20th, 2011.jpg

20th June 2011

Planning application to demolish Caerphilly Miners’ Hospital submitted

Caerphilly-Miners-June 20th, 2011.jpg

Campaign to save Caerphilly Miners’ Hospital

20th January 2011

Caerphilly-AM-Jeff-Cuthbert-left-has-signed-an-agreement-with-Tony, Tuesday June 1st, 2010

Progress on Caerphilly Miners’ Hospital Community Centre

1st June 2010

TwynHospitalMeeting-e1264455739472- January 26th, 2010.jpg

Caerphilly Miners’ Community Centre plan gathers pace

26th January 2010

Caerphilly-Miners-June 20th, 2011.jpg

24th January 2010

Community Centre plan for Caerphilly Miners’ Hospital

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